Something old, something new, something borrowed AND blue and then something stupid. 

Who let Sleepy drive? Who thought that was a good idea?  Will anyone ever sit these characters down and show them the Disney movies based on their lives?

These are important questions.

Look at all this leather-y, collar-y, WTF-ry, matchy goodness.

Two thoughts:

1) Is Emma not accepting Hook because the book considers him a villain and won’t grant him a happy ending?  Or is it the whole refuses to adjust to modern society and still wears pirate clothes thing? Anyway, I love them teaming up.

2) Did Emma ever go back and pick up that gun that she dropped?

Season 4, Episode 1: A Tale of Two Sisters

This feels familiar…

Budget-conscience snow monster…

Budget-conscience snow monster…

What Queens do according to OUAT:

If Regina: Kill lots of people.

If Elsa: Hang out with sister/sister and trolls/sister’s boyfriend and reindeer.

It really is unfair for Regina to have to take the fall for “forgetting” about Sidney, in order to get his actor back in the show.  Totally undermines her whole “I’ve changed” thing.  I mean, you can start being good, but you’d have to make up for/fix the things you’d done that were bad.  It would be completely unacceptable for her to forget about Sidney like this.