Once Upon a Time: Season 4, Episode 4: The Apprentice

Casual Rumpel.  NBD.

Casual Rumpel.  NBD.

Very important: Always listen to Rumpel’s inflection.



good humor is unappreciated in its time

someone asked me if this actually happened in the show


yes it did

Poor Frederick and Nova… We can get a name drop, but no word on a reunion with loved ones?

Said everyone.


1)  Interesting that Emma knows who Snow White is, doesn’t know recognize Elsa from Frozen.  Was she in the Enchanted forest when it came out?  Or it doesn’t exist in her “real” world?

2) Curse = Mayor…  Who made that rule?  And I’m not sure I can tell the Mayor’s office from Regina’s house, but I bet you anything that the mayor’s office still has all of Regina’s stuff in it.